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Turkey, Tunceli, changed the face of Thermal Hotel opened in Pertek

virtually 85,000 people and the least developed areas of Turkey, a long-held reputation for for being one of the city with a population of Tunceli, eastern Anatolia, has been lately undergoing a major the conversion. $ 10,000,000 (€ 7,600,000) with the investment value – the region’s largest tourism resort development the back of this amendment.

Selahattin Serefoglu, an investor in the project, said, “Hopefully it will lead the way for further investments in the region,” in an interview with the Hürriyet Daily News & Economic Review.

Previously deprived of large scale investments, Tunceli has been shrugging off its negative reputation as a long forgotten city.

Located in Tunceli’s Pertek district near Keban Dam Lake, the Pertek Thermal Hotel is the first large scale tourism facility to be developed in the region. The project aims to capitalize on the healthy thermal waters of the lake, which have been scientifically proven to promote healthy skin and aid in the treatment of other conditions such as osteolysis and prostate cancer.

“The drive behind such an investment was to contribute to regional development, as well as to show that Tunceli has enough potential to compete with the western cities in the tourism sector,” Serefoglu said.

With a construction business in Ankara, Serefoglu hopes that the Pertek Thermal Hotel will be a model for other investments in the region. He said the development will dramatically change the city and bring new employment opportunities.

The site of the hotel spans an area of 200,000 m² with a capacity to host up to 1000 quests, who have access to thermal pools, saunas, Jacuzzis, cold water pools and other luxuries. It will also offer longer term accommodation after the completion of an apartment facility toward the end of the year.

At the moment the facility employs 65 staff, and has been fully booked for the duration of Ramadan. “The majority of our guests come from nearby cities like Diyarbakir, Malatya, Elazig, as well as locals who come especially during the week,” said hotel general manager Yusuf Fehmi Kocak.

Serefoglu said that the state does not give extra incentives to tourism investments in the east, apart from some small tax and insurance advantages. However the state has allocated the site to the hotel for a duration of 49 years.

“Investments such as this thermal spring are very important for the district in terms of providing employment. These kinds of investments will also end the security problems in the region,” said Pertek Gov. Murat Cagri Erdinc, who thanked Serefoglu for constructing the spring in the district.

Erdinc claimed that the Pertek district in eastern Anatolia was similar to the Bodrum district of Mugla, a southwestern city, and offered the same recreational potential.

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