Who is guilty of the recipient

Modaress consuming procedure of the house, long years of literature and a variety of medias again whit whit .1382 and effort in search of well-known Modaress magham Rahbari home office, the sixth parliament, senator, past president of the organization and management, and schematization will be correct.

The procedure buyer of Modaress house is repeating whit several literature and medias for long ages.

In 1382 accorded Modaress house whit pursuit and effort  magham rahbari office,senators of sixth parliament,last president,and management and schematization organization will be right.

This point again and again repeated that Modaress house was in SAR CHESHMEH street ,allthogh the some critics said this building was listed in public traces but documents show this house  inheritance calture and public promenade organization never repair and safekeeping.

Now a day land lord of NASIR AL DOLLEH and its credit that peyed to him.

Until Tehran`s heritage expert dicided to use this credit of two houses (NASIR AL DOLLEH,MODARESS) that were next to each other to buy both of theme but now a day they didn`t upbeat.

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